Hair Works ™ 4-in-1 Hair Extensions Style Caddy

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Product Includes:

  • Hair Works ™ 4-in-1 Hair Extensions Style Caddy

  • A Velvet Extensions Travel Bag

  • Clips for Storage

  • Suction Cups for Easy Style and Wash


Hair Extensions Holder

The only hair extensions holder designed to do it all: WASH, STYLE, PACK AND STORE your hair extensions.

Hair extensions holder - the must-have tool for hair extensions - Made of ABS plastic, this Caddy is lightweight and durable and it's stainless steel hardware makes it waterproof too! The suction cup back makes it super simple to use… all you need is a smooth fixed surface to attach it to. Its unique design keeps the extensions secure inside the Caddy so your hands are free to wash, blow dry and style your extensions conveniently and easily.

Watch Hair Works ™ 4-in-1 Hair Extensions Style Caddy In Action...

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Use it in the bathtub or shower! The Hair Works™ 4-in-1 Style Caddy is designed to make washing your hair extensions a simple task instead of a messy chore.

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The patented design holds your hair extensions so you don’t have to! Now you’ll have both hands free to wash, dry and style your extensions easily and conveniently.

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Traveling with your your extensions? Just wrap your extensions around the 4-in-1 Style Caddy and slide it into your Hair Works™ travel bag… now they’ll stay neat and organized inside your handbag or suitcase.

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Place your hair extensions inside the Hair Works™ 4-in-1 Style Caddy, attach the hooks and hang it on any size hanger. Now your extensions can be stored inside your closet and out of your way.