6.Zero Developer 1000ml

6.Zero Developer 1000ml

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Scented oxidant emulsion for cosmetic colouring

The creamy, delicately scented oxidant emulsion is the perfect complement to the 6.Zero colouring, enhancing its features while conditioning and protecting and locking in your hair’s moisture and shine during colouring. The highly stable 6.Zero emulsified hydrogen peroxide allows complete freedom to colour or bleach hair while respecting the hair’s capillary fibre. Professional use only


  • Essential for colouring or bleaching
  • Highly stable formula
  • Locks in the hair’s moisture and shine


Contains hydrogen peroxide. Immediately flush eyes well with water in the event of direct contact. Use suitable gloves. Do not expose to direct sunlight and store in a cool place. Use according to the instructions for the various oxidation dyes. Only use for the intended purpose.