Foil Dispenser by Procare

Foil Dispenser by Procare

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The Foil Dispenser from Procare is essential equipment for the professional salon. Save time and wastage with the 24*7 Foil Dispenser.


Foil Dispenser - Cut and Fold your foils at the press of a button with this foil dispenser from Procare.

Simply choose the length of foil you want, the size of the fold and the number of foils required and the machine takes care of the rest.

This cost effective machine saves your salon wastage, reduces time spent on foil prep (almost to zero) and produces immaculately presented foils quickly and without fuss.

The 24*7 comes ready to use and includes a 100m starter roll of foil, foil collection tray and plug.

The machine is intended for use with Procare Foil.