6.Zero Take Over Active Power Hair Loss Pack

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Hair loss prevention shampoo

The new hair loss prevention shampoo for weak and fragile hair gently cleanses hair and scalp and generates a multi-action that strengthens the hair follicle deep down. Plant extracts and vitamins in the formula have toning and stimulating properties that condition hair giving it a healthy and shiny appearance.

500 ml bottle


  • Gently cleanses fragile hair and scalp
  • Conditions hair
  • Hair gains vitality and a healthier, glossier appearance

Main Ingredients

  • Plant extracts: contribute to the delicate formula, revitalizing and strengthening hair that is prone to loss
  • Vitamins: natural source of energy and nourishment, the multi-vitamin complex boosts strength and conditions weak hair


Hair loss prevention treatment vials

Hair loss prevention treatment in vials, for weak, fragile hair. Its formula is enriched with plant based active ingredients, vitamin complexes and a specific amino acid complex, with energizing antioxidant properties, that help to combat hair weakness and loss. In addition, thanks to their nourishing and revitalizing properties, the active ingredients in the anti hair loss treatment encourage micro-circulation in the scalp, strengthening the hair follicle.

Box of 10 vials


  • Effectively combats hair loss and weakness
  • Formula rich in energizing active ingredients and antioxidants
  • Strengthens the hair follicle and boosts the micro-circulation

Main Ingredients

  • Amino acid complex: strengthens the hair follicle and helps to combat weakness in hair prone to loss
  • Plant extracts and Vitamin complex: revitalize and strengthen fragile hair, anti-oxidizing and nourishing.

Scalp Health Massager

  • Regular use promotes scalp health