6.Zero Take Over Perfect Smooth Mask

6.Zero Take Over Perfect Smooth Mask

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Nourishing and conditioning action mask

Take Over Perfect Smooth, mask for straight and unruly hair has an intense nourishing and conditioning action that relaxes the capillary fibre and an anti-frizz smoothing effect. The innovative formula of the velvety texture is enriched with Silk Protein and Keratin Amino Acids, to leave hair perfectly smooth, supple and shiny. Does not weigh down the hair. 300 ml size

500 ml


  • Smooths and tames all hair types
  • Conditions and nourishes
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair


  • Silk protein: the unique moisturising, filmogenic and conditioning properties of silk protein restore hair’s natural elasticity and shine, increasing its strength.
  • Keratin amino acids: they are small enough to penetrate the cuticle and play a fundamental role in maintaining a good water balance in the hair needed to keep hair hydrated and protected.