Steam Plus Pro Steam Straightener

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Professional Steam Plus Pro Steam Straightener

Introducing the Steam Plus Pro Steam Straightener. With titanium plates and a temperature range of 150° to 230°, this hair care instrument is suitable for all hair types. The smart LCD display with lock function allows for precise and consistent styling while the detachable comb ensures smooth and straight results. Steam water ions penetrate into the hair core, reducing frizz and dryness. Transform your hair with SteamPlus.


Titanium plates with a temperature setting of 150° to 230°.

Detachable comb.

Smart LCD display with lock function.

SteamPlus is suitable for all hair types.

The SteamPlus is a hair care instrument! Steam water ions infiltrate into the hair core to moisture and repair the hair cuticle.

SteamPlus reduces frizz and DRYNESS!

You can use it on a regular basis on the required temperature.


Advised temperatures

  • Sensitive and fine hair – 150oC
  • For medium hair – 170oC
  • For thicker hair types use – 190oC
  • For corse curly or frizzy hair – 210oC
  • 230oC recommended for professional use.